The bottleneck for productivity projects can never be idea generation, and this starts with R&G challenging every part of the status quo. We have developed an APS solution that quickly scans the business for opportunities, quantifies with data, analyzes the financial benefit and then produces an implementation plan that uses the available resources to execute the project. To maximize the benefits, the plan needs to use the available manpower efficiently and effectively and book the results early in the financial period. An impact/ease of implementation matrix determines the priorities, and little to no capital expenditure is included since the approval time span is outside of the project planning.


In this type of program where the projects are relatively simple, the probability of success is very high. The challenge is to mobilize the necessary resources, to execute quickly and to keep the focus on sustaining the benefits. There are some projects that deliver a benefit but give the operational team more work, and there are some that deliver with less work. To get the maximum impact and make it a repeatable process, the net amount of work has to stay the same or preferably go down.


  • Obviously this depends on the scope of work, the nature of the projects and the plant resource level.
  • We would typically aim for a benefit/cost ratio for the program of 4 which clearly should make the work self-financing within the year.